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A crash course in getting ready for New Year’s Eve parties

First of all, if you are the sort of person who doesn’t have a safe fall back routine when getting ready for a party but tend to jump in at the deep end and dress in anything that looks OK two hours before the party and hope for the best… well, you may be lucky and have friends who are grateful that you come to their party at all. Imagine, even if you came in your dressing gown, they would still tell you, “but what original taste you have!” – right?

All that I can say to that is – lucky you! Perhaps this could work as a new philosophy in these times – looking as bad as possible is fantastic, all the guys will chat you up as you look approachable. Girls who are made up to the max? Well, they’re scary ice queens. It might just work.

OK, it probably won’t work. Besides that looking effortlessly good is still an art for us mere mortals. So here are some pointers:

I prepare my skin in advance, by drinking lots of water, taking fish oil, and moisturizing. I recommend the American Jason cosmetics line, they have a new vitamin C moisturizer, which prevents sun damage.

The next step is taking a long bath before you’re set to get ready. Baths relax you and refresh your skin.

When it comes to make-up, the trick is to try out several make-up counters when you go to fill up your arsenal. Do NOT buy what the first woman at the make-up counter tells you (remember, it’s their job to be awfully insistent and sell you just about anything), see five or six, compare them and then make up your mind what you like and what you think makes you look the best.

Remember, it’s quality, not quantity, that counts. Keep your make up simple, you don’t want to look like a clown, and trust me, ending up looking like a clown is easier than you think. Personally, I anything by Lancome, but I also look forward to trying my cousin Gemma Kidd’s new range.

The same goes for clothes – try to avoid looking like a peacock if you must. I think it’s best to start with a bit of cheeky underwear, to give you a good base to work with.

High heels sometimes hurt my feet, and if you have my problem, you might want to consider spending some extra money on Dolce & Gabbana shoes – they have countless smaller heels.

For another name in comfort, look no further than Sophie Swire – an ethical brand, perfect for winter.

Of course, if all this comfort and cushioning seems boring, consider that adding sparkle to your accessories is the perfect way to look cute without trying too hard. Personally, I love Lulu Guinness. Just make sure that you go for a bigger bag if you’re not quite like the Queen of England and your bag never stays empty for long.

I recommend sparkling jewellery as another useful accessory, but I implore my readers – do not drape yourself all over like a Christmas tree, just invest in one or two simple pieces. A great line is Racer X Designs, which takes inspiration from old car parts. The designer used to be a professional racer. She mixes up precious and semi-precious stones for a simple, yet glamorous and wearable look.

If you’re looking to spend more, I believe you should head to Stephen Webster.

When you are ready, remember – don’t cower behind that door. Don’t worry if you have a split in your stocking, or some other petty “wardrobe malfunction” which always seems to happen at the last minute.

Think about it, you look cooler with a hole in your tights, and it looks like you’ve been having tonnes of fun already. Confidence is your biggest asset. And if you think your body has too much harmful tension, go for Alexander Lessons.

Happy New Year!