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Here are some blogs we’ve been reading as of late (the newest additions go to the bottom of the list):

Great LGBT blog: Fetch Me My Axe.

The one, the only James Wolcott.

American Muslim blogger Tariq Nelson.

Another blog that’s caught our eye is Muslimah Media Watch. Check it.

Here is Patient Anonymous blogging about mental health issues.

Questioning Transphobia has a name that’s pretty self-explanatory.

Ditto for Abortion Clinic Days.

While …”And Miles To Go Before We Sleep…” is a great blog chronicling one family’s life in the U.S., as told from the perspective of a stay-at-home mom.

Living Simpler is a new blog that focuses on making responsible choices regarding consumption and the environment.

Very Short Novels is dedicated to… very short novels. Just how short? Click and find out.

Bad Astronomy is genius.

Sean T. Collins writes about horror (as in horror films) and much more. But mostly horror.

veiled4allah is an interesting Muslim site we periodically check.

As is Cassandra Says (we love her current tagline, check it out).

Diamond Geezer has our attention (and we’re not alone in this, of course).

Secular Apostasy is a unique blog by “an apostate from secular humanism, radical feminism, and progressive liberalism.” Fancy that.

Nedroid is what unadulterated human goodness looks like when you make it browser-friendly.

Lens culture photography blog is an invaluable resource for photography news and events.

After Chernobyl – photo exhibit.

Arab Women Now

Our very own writers:

Mark Farnsworth on Film.

Tiger Beatdown – Sady Doyle on feminist politics and culture

This Ain’t Livin – s.e. smith on progressive politics, writing, gardening, food, life and everything.

Have a blogger you want to recommend? Let us know: editor [at] globalcomment [dot] com

Please note that we are not responsible for the content of these sites.

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