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Common Comic Star

Please not that an audio reading of the poem is available below the text.

As hours flop,
And hours top,
And wiggle
side to side,

I laugh my self,
Guffaw my way,
Chuckle stuff
I have tried:

I feel it best
that I confess:
I have been
Called a quitter.

Just today,
I thought and lay
About a mound
of titters.

Double Bubble,
Gnawing trouble
Attacks me like
savage jackals.

But when the Truth
Chews through a tooth,
I endure with
Toiling cackles.

Mark my words,
Then mock my words,
Truly I hope
We bring you cheer.

And with this hope,
Me chokes Me toke,
Then embrace
All of your jeers.

There is no use
in crying, “Truce!”
There is no use
to wriggle.

Just take your time,
Just keep in mind,
Your redeemer’s
Just a giggle.

To smile at those
unfinished goals
does good stuff for
the ol’ ticker.

I drown my scars
In choc’late bars,
Where the tender’s
Last call snickers.

Grin with me
If you can see
The amusing
Creature you are.

Roar right proud,
Make it loud!
You Common
Comic Star.