You lose your sense of reality
if you are not part of civil society

With material benefits
comfort is what you find
Practicing your rights however
Delivers peace of mind

You are allowed to raise slogans
that don’t rock the boat
Whereas you should be free
to steer, sink and crash
For the system should keep you afloat

High level decisions produce little results on the ground
but grass root level work insists that solutions should be found

Conforming to a status quo
may produce stability for most
but the dissatisfied few
will unleash fury at a great cost

Painting a layer of false promises
on deep concerns that line the face and break the back
Dressing up false images
Of peace and well being that quickly reveals cracks
Feeling a numbing indifference
to changes and events taking place
Are all signs that you play no role in shaping you future
or that of the human race

How long will you be fed with false promises quenched with lies
How long until silent anger turns into cries?

If only there was a way out of this situation
Lest for my pen and inclination
I remain powerless….


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