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morril hit a woman

Emily McAvan

Emily McAvan is the former editor of Global Comment. She's interested in politics, social change and culture.

One thought on “morril hit a woman

  1. This is a good joke. The rest of his are shit and all for shock (which is a bogus type of comedy at this point in time anyway), but this one is a great reversal. It does give a portrait of who his character is and it is well crafted. There really is no reason for me to have said any of this but I figured I would. Yes, I am a white, male comic. I’m just tired of this debate. Why can’t the debate be “there are two different types of comedy – good and bad.” If we could get to a point where we recognize most of Sam’s jokes aren’t just offensive – they’re shitty too. Let’s place them in a bad category, and move on? Same with a lot of the guys who do rape jokes. They’re not funny. That’s the key, and that’s why they should be offensive – they’re not funny.

    Whatever. I’m garbage.

    All the Best,

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