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Springtime for skinheads: murdering people for the colour of their shoelaces

I didn’t find out about this murder in Irkutsk, Russia, on the news. I discovered this first through the blog of a friend of a friend. An independent media source has highlighted this incident, the mainstream news is rather quiet.

Olga Rukosyla was sixteen years old. She enjoyed dressing like a punk, and wore red shoelaces which, to some, signify the famous “Antifa” (anti-facism) movement.

Indymedia reports that on the 8th of October, Olga was surrounded by three young men dressed, as witnesses say, in typical skinhead fashion. One of them grabbed her hand. She said something angrily to him. This was when the men surrounding her threw her on the ground and literally kicked her to death.

Three men, murdering a teenage girl in broad daylight.

Skinheads operate like packs of wild dogs. They prefer to outnumber their victims, and seem to forge bonds through frantic eruptions of group violence.

My neighbourhood in Kyiv, Ukraine has been spray-painted with their slogans, and I’m afraid for the African and Asian kids living in the dorms around my building, for my Jewish neighbours, for my Arab boyfriend, who stays with me there sometimes. I’m afraid that my kid brother might wear the wrong t-shirt and piss them off.

How can we be safe when the only visible opposition seems to arise in the form of Antifa groups spraying their own slogans over Nazi ones? (Hey, kid who drew the gallows around the swastika that was spray-painted on my family’s garage – thank you.)

The terror skinheads have spread has inspired some to take their side, to excuse their actions, to even boldly proclaim that they are “ridding society of unsavoury elements” (i.e., they are ridding society of anyone who’s in any way different, be that due to skin colour or the colour of one’s shoelaces).

White people tend to think they have nothing to fear from skinheads. Well, that may be true, unless they, or any of their loved ones, dress or look or behave in a way that displeases the carriers of the white pride plague. Or unless they do as much as skip a valiant leather warrior with his black boots and flaming zits in the grocery line.

He may very well inspire him to ring up his buddies and teach the brazen interloper a lesson. Skinheads want to rule unconditionally, and they’re known to react violently to any slight or humiliation. Humiliation, after all, is what often drives them into the fold in the first place.

Now, the murder in Irkutsk was was echoed by a murder in Moscow: fifteen-year-old Anna Beshnova was raped and killed in the street, while neighbours basically looked on (if that makes no sense to you, please recall Kitty Genovese).

Many now claim that Beshnova’s attacker was nonwhite, although the only conclusive evidence we have right now is that he was wearing the uniform of a sanitation worker, and that he was “not originally from Moscow.”

Beshnova’s ordeal and death has been used in the most disgusting of ways: on one hand, people are screaming that what happened to her has “inspired” them to walk out on the street and kill the first nonwhite person they come across.

On the other hand, Beshnova is being called a “hooker,” a “drunk slut” (a picture of her holding a can of beer has made its rounds on the internet), and a “bitch who deserved her fate.”

This duel over a dead girl’s body is the terrifying symbol of a ghettoized and fragmented society.

I don’t see much use in drawing many parallels between the death of Rukosyla and Beshnova, though I do not doubt that Beshnova’s ethnicity could have played a part in her death, much like Rukosyla’s shoelaces played a part.

Many non-Slavs view Slavic women as passive sex-puppets – “whores” who have no right to say “no” to a man’s advances and must be punished accordingly.

The flip-side to that is the fact that Nazis view us pretty much the same way. To them we are broodmares, put on this good earth so that we may produce clutches of adorable white children. If we don’t comply, we need to be “taught a lesson.”

I have intimate experience with both of these so-called ideologies.

My body, I have been told, belongs to perverts and fascists, but not to me.

Yet I believe that it is more likely that Beshnova was killed for “walking around while female,” as a friend of mine put it. If her murderer looked stereoytpically Slavic, her death would have been treated as another footnote to the story of violence against women, something that no one really cares about unless it can be used for political ends.

In fact, the Russian right, notorious for its patriarchal views on women, would have probably been the first to brand her a “whore who was asking for it.”

Rukosyla, was also “asking for it” too, of course. Her crime wasn’t that she was female – although it made her an easier target – her crime was not knowing what was “good” for her. She had “no right” to dress the way she was dressed. She turned herself into a “political target,” because she looked different (I’ve gleaned all of this important information from LJ users attempting to “explain” the situation).

But there is more to it: before Rukosyla died, she stood up to the men that surrounded her. She displayed anger, and I suspect that this was the last straw. It was too much to handle for men who are attracted to the Nazi movement due to aforementioned feelings of insecurity.

How do you deal with that?

How do you separate the hardened criminals from confused dudes who got in way over their heads? How do you get to the leaders? What do you tell parents?

The skinhead movement cannot be crushed with force alone; it screams out against it, makes martyrs out of the captured, pulsates with rage in basements and apartment-blocks, scrawling its regalia, marking its territory in elevators and strairwells already stained with piss.

In my Kyiv neighbourhood, there are now patrols at night, made up of three cadets walking shoulder-to-shoulder. The last time I ran into them, I asked about the skinheads.

“Why? You see any?”

“Well, our garage…”

“The local ones are just kids. They don’t make real trouble around here.”

“Do you ever talk to them?”

“Talk to them?” They guffawed in unison, all young, all handsome, seemingly without a care in the world, filling my heart with a hope for something I couldn’t explain. “You can’t talk to a rabid little dog.”

“I was thinking I’d like to talk to one rabid little dog.”

“That’s nonsense.” “Don’t even try it.” “What are you, crazy?”

“I’m not crazy, I’m a journalist.”

“Tough job. Good luck.” “And you be careful now.” “We can’t be everywhere all at once.”

One of them winked at me, and they walked on into the night, blazing their righteous path through a neighbourhood quieted and cowed by the autumn darkness.


Natalia Antonova

Natalia is a writer and journalist. She’s the associate editor of openDemocracy Russia and the co-founder of the Anti-Nihilist Institute.

29 thoughts on “Springtime for skinheads: murdering people for the colour of their shoelaces

  1. I’m sorry that more people are not proud of being white, but I don’t support murder.

    I have nothing against Arabs in principle but they are not kind or nice to women like you and women as a group. Or so it would seem anyway. I don’t know much about the subject.

    I’m sorry that this girl was killed.

  2. RE: Comment #2, where sYKes says, “I don’t know much about the subject.”

    That’s correct.

    “Arabs” are not culturally or socially monolithic. Reading up on the subject, and reading any number of English-language blogs by bloggers of Arab descent, could expand your horizons about whom ‘Arabs’ are kind or nice to and why.

    By the way, not all Arabs are Muslim. Some are Christian, a few in Iraq (and elsewhere?) are Mandaean (a sort of pre-Hellenic Christianity, I think?), a few are Yazidi (unless the Yazidis are Kurds), and a few Arabs are even Jewish and live mostly in Israel by now.

    About “proud of being white”: Race is nothing to be proud or ashamed of. It’s not a personal accomplishment but simply a genetic fact that that we don’t choose for ourselves.

    If by being “proud of being white,” you actually mean adopting and acting out the values of Western culture, then you’ve misunderstood what skinheads are doing around the globe. Skinheads hate modern Western culture which upholds everyone’s individual autonomy regardless of race or culture. Skinheads hate their own individual autonomy as well as the autonomy and political equality of people who don’t show the skinheads’ fake tribal badge of race. What skinheads actually uphold is their own shared cowardice.

    Facts about skinheads and other hate groups can be found at http://www.rickross.org. I might have gotten the URL wrong, but it’s the web site of the Rick Ross Institute in New Jersey which studies hate groups, hate crimes, and the efforts of law enforcement to prevent and/or prosecute hate crimes.

  3. @Sykes

    I’m sorry that more people are not proud of being white, but I don’t support murder.

    I cannot believe that you even started an argument with that statement. Everywhere you look globally whiteness is affirmed as good and normal. It does not need to be said as a prideful thing it simply exists with overwhelming privilege.
    I would also like to know how it is you feel comfortable making such generalization about all Arabs Do you know ever single Arab person waling on the planet. It is when racist social constructions like this are perpetuated that we enter into racial issues. Yeah and to think you are worried about white pride.

  4. Racists social constructs are contructs of socialigist.

    Races are realities of biology.

    Why are there no millions of third worlders pouring into Japan? Would the world be better if millions of blonde haired blue eyed Germans poured into Suadia Arabia?

    A woman who marries outside of her race has an identity problem as well she will never have children that will look like her or her ancestory.

    Our Pagan ancestors would have bannished her from the tribe.

    If the jews have Isreal, then why can’t white people have a homeland, free of cultrural and racial conflict?

  5. Dear Preston: believe me, your spelling is the least of your problems.

    The problem isn’t that there isn’t a homeland for “white” people (which means -what-, exactly, dumbass? Think carefully). The problem, as far as you’re concerned, at least, is that there’s no homeland for utter morons. Fortunately, at least, you’re well represented and probably always will be. Still, it must chafe to realize that you’re a gormless prat in a world where people with the sense God gave a doughnut -often- (by no means always) get more success and more respect. If only there were some way of getting ahead based on something you DID have. Like…a non-Jewish European ancestry of some sort, and a pallid complexion. Sucks innit.

  6. Dear Preston,

    Congratulations! You have left what probably amounts to one of the dumbest comments we’ve had on GC in the last year. I really wish there was some sort of prize for these things.

    A woman who marries outside of her race has an identity problem as well she will never have children that will look like her or her ancestory.

    That is really quite precious. Tell me, how many interracial/inter-ethnic children do YOU know? Actually, do you know the way genetics work AT ALL…? Or, you know what, never mind, don’t answer that, ignorance is bliss.

    Our Pagan ancestors would have bannished her from the tribe.

    Do I even dare ask which ancestral Pagan tribes you are talking about?…

    If the jews have Isreal, then why can’t white people have a homeland, free of cultrural and racial conflict?

    You know what, there’s lots of gems to choose from here, but this has to be the most precious one of all. “Isreal” is, apparently, a land free of cultural and racial conflict. Not to mention, apparently, a land with no racial diversity to speak of, eh? I guess you learn something new every day.

  7. Others have pointed out some of the problems with Preston’s comments but I just wanted to add my two cents on this little gem

    “Races are realities of biology.”

    Actually, you’re wrong. Scientists have been saying it over and over again. Race has absolutely no scientific basis. There isn’t even a consensus (among those who buy into the concept) about what “race” actually means. Before you decide that other people have an identity problem, perhaps you should do something about your ignorance problem.

  8. i just love how its “ignorant” and “racist” to share or promote anything white, yet its “modern, diverse and popular” to push any other race’s culture, beliefs, ideas and style. I enjoy your writings, Preston, hope to see you around town again!

  9. Atm is a hilarious choice of nickname, unless of course those are your initials. In which case, I’d apologize. If I didn’t think your comment was also completely ridiculous, that is.

    I write about Ukraine and Russia pretty regularly for this site and elsewhere – including writings on culture, current events, politics, etc. Although both Ukraine and Russia are racially diverse (Russia more so), the predominant ethnic group, Slavs, are white. It’s funny, but no one has ever called me “ignorant” or “racist”” for promoting a Slavic pop star or writer.

    Neither have I ever had anyone sidle up to me and go, “oh, you like the Beatles? They’re so white! That’s RACIST!”

    But that’s not really what you’re talking about, is it?

  10. This is just a load of bullshit,that was not skinheads,it was a group of boneheads,learn something before you start writing articles likte this. Skinheads is a subculture that represents the daily british working class,just the casual day of a british man,while boneheads just ripped of the skinhead culture and turned into a nazistic movement. That was just some boneheads because boneheads can hate anything without any certain reason,like red shoelaces,so stop saying that skinheads did that,skinheads only get into fights when someone insult them.
    So thats that,fuck that someone that call skinheads nazis,learn something before insulting someone!

  11. I hate to break it to you, but the world does not revolve around Britain.

    In our society, skinhead violence is explicitly tied to Hitler. There’s a reason why many foreigners are terrified every year on Hitler’s birthday.

  12. “There’s a reason why many foreigners are terrified every year on Hitler’s birthday.”

    Yes, and there’s a reason that INDIGENOUS white people are terrified EVERY day of the year, if they are surrounded by third world ‘enrichers’.

    Can you name me ONE ‘enriched’ area in ONE white country that is now a better place to live for WHITES, and that white people are desperate to move INTO, rather than OUT OF?

    View this PDF file from the USDOJ:
    then look at the fourth set of results:
    “Rape/Sexual assault”.
    See where it says “Black only”? (Those are the VICTIMS’ races) Look across to
    “Perceived race of offender” – under WHITE it says ZERO.
    Which means NO WHITES raped any BLACKS in 2005.
    Now look at where it says “White only” (those are the VICTIMS’ races) – look across to “Perceived race of offender” – under BLACK it says
    33.6%, and other OTHER (non-whites, in other words), it says 19.6%.
    Which means that
    In 2005, there were
    37,460 white women raped by BLACK MEN,
    21,852 white women raped by other NON-WHITE MEN,
    Care to explain?
    And you think we whites WANT this?

    “I cannot believe that you even started an argument with that statement. Everywhere you look globally whiteness is affirmed as good and normal. It does not need to be said as a prideful thing it simply exists with overwhelming privilege.”

    No, of course not. We ‘evil’ whites mustn’t say that we PREFER LIVING AROUND OUR OWN PEOPLE, must we… But it’s fine for blacks to refer to “my people” all the time, isn’t it.

    Please explain: why is that EVERY white country on Earth has an open borders policy to the third world, yet none of these countries had a vote on it?

    How is it possible for concentration of non-whites to form in previously all white countries, if MOST white people WANT to live around them?

    Obviously, most white people do NOT want to live around non-whites, which is why WE, in our hundreds of millions, MOVE AWAY when non-whites move into an area.

    You don’t believe in democracy, you believe in tyranny. You must be very well aware that MOST white people don’t agree with you and your invasion.

    If we WANTED ‘multiculturalism’, it wouldn’t have to be FORCED on us, would it?

  13. By the way, I know you will censor my post. What’s it like, knowing that you can’t rebut anything I’ve said, yet still pretending that you’re right?

    What will you do when the muslims start a civil war against us ‘infidels’, and your family and loved ones are murdered by them?

  14. By the way, I know you will censor my post.

    Bzzzt. Wrong.

    What will you do when the muslims start a civil war against us ‘infidels’, and your family and loved ones are murdered by them?

    I’m an “infidel” who’s presently in a Muslim country. The weather is lovely. Do drop in sometime.

  15. “I’m an “infidel” who’s presently in a Muslim country. The weather is lovely. Do drop in sometime.”

    Perhaps you can answer some of my questions…
    What do you think the U.K. will be like in just ten years’ time, when at least one third of the population are immigrants, or descendents of immigrants? (By “immigrants” I mean immigrants who came here in the past 60 years.)

  16. @Dr. Adford, comment #5th paragraph of Adford’s own comment – “… why is it that EVERY white country on earth has an open borders policy to the third world …?”

    That’s not true at all. Offhand, I can think of NO majority-white country that has anything close to an open borders policy. The U.S. itself does not have an open borders policy on its border with Mexico, although the border is difficult to secure. Canada, Australia, and New Zealand very explicitly do not have open borders to any illegal immigrants. The European Union, including the U.K., does not have open borders by any means. Both the U.K. and continental EU members routinely arrest and detain illegal immmigrants, including immigrants who try to emigrate from Africa to the Canary Islands or north across the Mediterranean.

    Dr. Adford might be thinking of asylum policies which vary from country to country. But Anglosphere countries have very strict asylum policies which are sometimes cruelly enforced, and so do most E.U. countries. Sweden has the most generous asylum policy, of any country that I can think of. But even the Swedes think of their policy as the shining exception to ‘normal’ European practice.

  17. Correction to comment #21:

    The referenced comment of Dr. Adford’s is comment #16 (not #5th), 5th paragraph.

  18. Hilarious. I live in the U.K. – it has an open borders policy. We have (according to our government) 750,000 illegal immigrants living here. Obviously the figure is much higher.
    The place where I live was 100% white when I moved here (obviously, or I wouldn’t have moved here…) it is now 20% non-white, and every non-white woman I see who is under 30 is pushing a pram.

    Your bullshit is fooling nobody. Why didn’t you just write “Who do you believe? Me, or your own lying eyes?”
    Why do you think the BNP got an average of 20% of the vote in its last council elections, last week?

    “very strict asylum policies which are sometimes cruelly enforced” – oh the humanity!

    ALL ‘asylum seekers’ in the U.K. are illegal immigrants. You do know that an ‘asylum seeker’ is supposed to go to the FIRST ‘safe’ country, right? Which is never the U.K.

    I see you couldn’t address the rest of my post. Try starting with the revealed preference that is shown by house buying practices among whites… I could do with a laugh.

  19. Crossing the line into slurs gets you “censored.” The world’s smallest violin… et cetera. Hate speech violates our guidelines. A warning is obviously not going to be any use, in your case. You are banned. – The Management.

  20. What if you are carrying a monkey book and you accidentally drop it into the lap of a BLACK man? Can you be charged with a ‘hate’ crime?

    What if you are READING a monkey book such that a BLACK man can SEE the cover, and you look at the cover, and then look at him- is he ALLOWED to physically attack you? I bet you think he is. And you wonder why we whites can’t stand you people…

    It all rests on this: we never got a vote on any of the things I’m complaining about – therefore they are undemocratic, tyrannical, and WRONG.

    Knock yourself out – explain why you’re right.

    I see our resident expert hasn’t told us all about the ‘prophet’ of Islam yet. That should be interesting.
    What’s it like having to lie to yourself and constantly censor reality every single day?

  21. Scientist say that race does not exist?

    Can you name some? Not jewish neo-marxist SOCIAL “scientist” like BOAS who had a dissertation in the color of water.

    And yes breeds of dogs are social constructs as well as breeds of cattle.

    Dream on delusionalist.

    Yes I have met many mixed breed people. Most all have serious health and mental problems.

  22. this dude Adford is such a foolish scum. I went to MIT, the best engineering school in the US where minorities (nonwhites) represented 30 percent of the student body. Of those who graduated with perfect grades, minorities represented more than 70 percent too. White supremacy
    my ass.
    I used to have a f…… Jaguar which was supposedly created and constructed by white british dorks. A true piece of dog shit. It had countless mechanical mishaps even in the first year. I gave it away to charity. Here came my second brush with white english ingenuity: the f…… Range Rover. Another piece of chicken shit. Leaking oil at 250 miles. Didn’t start at 400 miles. I then bought a Lexus, made by ‘inferior’ nonwhites. Not an ounce of trouble at 170000 miles.
    So Adford, this white pride of yours might be justified 200 years ago but not any more. I bet your IQ is worse than my dog’s. By the way penile head, are you glad that the Jag and Range Rover are now owned by an Indian company? Quality now will improve.

  23. I agree – Adford is just a bitter and frightened Englishman mourning over the fact that his country is no longer the power it once was. And that’s not to do with immigrants (the usual boringly predictable scapegoats): its to do with the singular fact that most countries at one time or another have their time in the sun. England’s time is now over. BTW from experience I also know English items are usually a pile of crap. I stick to Japanese, German and, increasingly, South Korean.

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