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The Untouched It

The thought of it excited her.
She discussed it with her tender peers.
They were open with anticipation
For confirmation of their fears,
For reprieve from waiting,
For a taste of the Garden,
Which lay in their heads ahead
Where exposure hardens.

The touch of it fulfills her.
She gushes it to her curious mates.
They are anxious for information
To process on prying dates,
To understand what lies ahead,
To shed away the prim,
Knowing what they are in to,
But now what’s into them?

The memory of it will slay them.
They will debrief it with their elder kin,
Who will tell them what they know,
And help them lift their chin,
And pass along their wisdom,
And constructively chastise,
For there was (once upon) a time
When They had untouched eyes.

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