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To those of you who have passed away…

We feel for you

But act we don’t

We share your pain

But fight we won’t

We revel proudly in your courage

As if it were our own

For the impotent and weak

Can drone on and on

Our sympathies to your plight dear departed souls

Are masked by a web of good intentions riddled with holes

How easy to talk about ethics and strength

As Morals and Action rest placidly on the bench

It is a pity that theatrical stances and sullen words

Cannot even change a tune in songs of birds

It is unfortunate that grandiose speeches and squabbles over who is boss

Will not take back from a victim’s mother her sense of utter loss

We have all become victims here

Those who resist are victims of hate

Those who just sit are subject to guilt

Can we not stand together for once?

Before it is too late?


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