Two Eyes Show

Two eyes show two streets separate.
The one walks along normal, like it has
a day to live out. The other mimics it.
Forgets it. The other wanders about

smelling its own sidewalks and imagining
cars skimming the ground upside down.

One eye is open. The other
is open again, not lazy so much as
not here right now, can I
take a message? One eye

moves forward. One eye
moves back. The universe slants
a little and can’t fathom why.
Shakes its large starry head,

changes tack. One eye
waits for the other
staring at God
darkness and stars.

The universe
blinks. One eye
to the other in pain, gets pulled

back in. Two eyes hold each other
closed. The world rings.

Two eyes open.
God hushes his din.

Kyla Pasha

Kyla Pasha is a Pakistani poet, journalist, and contributing editor to GC. Please visit her homepage here.

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