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12 Things That You Only Do During the Summer

The summer season is finally here for many of us, and with higher temperatures come those special things that you can only do when it’s extremely hot outside. Whether you’re planning to eat foods that go well with hot weather (popsicles, fresh fruit, barbequed meat or veggies) for the entirety of the season, or live in your bathing suit as much as possible when the outside temperature climbs into the triple digits, a lot of things that you do during the summer would seem downright weird if you tried them at other times of the year. Here’s a gif-heavy list of some of the best things that you can only do in the summer.

Take cold (or lukewarm) showers in the morning:


Wear as little clothing as possible around the house:


Eat things that are very cold or completely frozen at every meal:


Be dependent on the air conditioning at home, school, or work to a terrifying degree:


Run through the sprinklers in your bathing suit, or at least daydream about doing so:


Hang out by the pool as much as possible:


Wear open-toed shoes or flip-flops almost everywhere:


Be lazy on the weekends, since it’s too hot to do anything:


Use any excuse to go swimming:


Use nearly any excuse to have a summer barbeque–or at least eat like you’re at a summer barbeque for three months:


Go to the beach if you live near one—and actually enjoy yourself:


Go somewhere spontaneously: