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The 6 Best—and 6 Worst—Things About 3-Day Holiday Weekends

There are a lot of things to love about three-day holiday weekends, especially during the summer—spending time outside (or inside if you live in a place that gets triple-digit temperatures in certain seasons), eating BBQ food, and getting to do absolutely nothing for three whole days instead of just two, for instance. But like a lot of other awesome stuff, another day to slack off can sometimes be too much of a good thing. Here’s an entirely subjective roundup of some of the best and worst things about three-day weekends.

The best

Not having to go to work:


Getting to sleep in for a precious extra few hours:


Planning a barbeque or other gathering with friends:


Spending most of the day catching up on internet stuff:


Finally getting some downtime:


Going away for a short trip with your family, friends, or significant other:


The worst

Realizing your only plan for the day is some variation on “sleeping in, surfing the internet and/or watching movies”—and then doing it anyway:


Eating too much of your favorite food(s)—because it’s a three-day weekend…


…and then feeling the effects of having eaten way too much shortly thereafter:


When you start to lose track of time because you’re not at work and/or not doing anything productive:


Taking more than one nap during your day off, then feeling sluggish the rest of the day:


Knowing that you won’t be able to do a bunch of awesome stuff—and stuff that’s not too great for you—until the next three-day holiday weekend comes around: