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The Damned, The Birth of the Demons

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We, the Demons, came to this world like this:

Thousands of years ago, there were Angels. They were the guardians of the world, when everything used to be sacred. The world was a happy place where darkness couldn’t set foot. It was a time when magic reigned.

People knew about the Angels for they sometimes came down. Once such an Angel visited a dark witch, wanting to try and stop the witch from using Dark Magic. The witch had other things in mind. She chained the Angel to the wall, so she couldn’t escape. The witch then tainted the Angel’s blood with that of her own. It sent the Angel mad, turning her into a demon. The witch, seeing her malevolence at work, decided to carry on doing the evil deed.

After she turned her the third Angel into a demon, her first creation succumbed to its hunger, and nobody saw anything of the witch after that. The former Angels themselves either killed or turned the humans into one of their own. Ever since that day Demons have ruled the earth and stalked the darkness.

Angels have given up completely on saving mankind, knowing that they are doomed to be killed by demons. Though now Hunters are looming in the darkness, threatening the Demons’ existence.

They keep recruiting, telling people who will listen to them about the Demons. More fool the human race; they will never be safe now. Unspeakable evil awaits them in the shadows.

Meanwhile, we walk to our den, which isn’t so far from where we are. I look up into the sky. The moon is large and full, tinted yellow, small wisps of cloud line their way across the glow, though there is still enough light to see by. Around the moon stars are dancing and sparkling in the sky. I take in a contented sigh. No matter how many times I have seen the night sky it always looks magnificent, the one sight I can never become tired of. The night always seems to have such a magical air about it, it fills me with ease and contentment.

All three of us are surrounded by an orange glow as the streetlights’ beams descend upon us. I hate being under these things, it seems as though you are in a spotlight on a stage and everyone is watching you. I shiver and walk faster. Marius and Neo soon catch up. We walk in silence for only fifteen of twenty minutes when police sirens reach my ears. I smile without realising it until Marius asks: “What are you smirking about?”

“Oh nothing much, I’m just thinking about the ludicrous explanation that the police will give the poor people of the house.” A smile also spreads across Marius’ face. Marius has been with me for a while now. I have given both him and Neo the Dark Gift, and I am proud of it. I look over at the well-educated Neo and notice he is grimacing.

“What is wrong?” I ask.

“How can you make jokes at the expense of somebody’s death? Have you no shame, no conscience?”

“Shame? Conscience? No, I do not have these ridiculous feelings. Why do I need them anyway? Why does anybody need them? I kill to eat, as do you and Marius. As soon as you have taken somebody’s life you cannot sit around mourning, cursing yourself for what you have done.”

“Why can I not do that?”

“Because you will give into madness,”

“Madness seems like a welcoming escape.” He muttered.

“Do not say such a thing. You cannot do this to yourself. You have to kill to stay healthy and alive. You have to become emotionally detached, and killing will become easier for you. You will be slaughtering people without even thinking twice about it. It will be like you right hand, and you will not be able to remember life without it.”

“I do not see why you have done this to me,” Neo murmured, turning away from me.

“I did it because I saw potential in you to become a great Demon. You now have the opportunity to know all the secrets the world is hiding from the mortals. Your life has been extended for years now, this life is a gift.” After that we walk in silence.

I do know what Neo means, don’t get me wrong. I have simply learnt to become unbreakable; you just cannot let a small thing shatter you, which is exactly what Neo is letting happen.

As I think these thoughts, I hear a shrill cry. I look around, but nothing is in sight. I glance across at Marius and Neo and notice that heard it too. I decide that it is nothing to worry about and continue walking.

“Do you think that is wise?” Neo calls after me.

“What do you mean?”

“That scream, it sounded lethal, as though somebody has just been killed.”

“And?” I turn my hand in a small circle to beckon forward more of an explanation.

“Did you not hear the scream Lilith?”

“Yes, of course I heard it.”

“It didn’t sound…” he pauses, “It didn’t sound…”

“Speak up!”

“Human.” He whispered. It was barely audible but only then did I understand the true amount of fear he was feeling.

The scream came again, though it was from someone else. I listen quietly at the last drag of the scream and realise that he was right. The scream wasn’t that of a human, but one of a Demon. Two screams, from two Demons. Both coming from the direction of our den. Panic rises within in me. Hunters! I think. I pull my sword out from its sheath – it is something which I always keep with me – and continue forward.

“Lilith!” Marius shouts. “Where are you going?”

“To the den.”

To be continued…

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  1. Immediately the reader is yet again drawn into the fast paced narrative. Excellent characterization and strong imagery.

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