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We, the Potheads

Please note that an audio verion of the poem is available below the text.

Rise and Shine,
Wake and Bake,
Eat the Cake
After some Shake ‘n Bake…

We, the Potheads, sure Love
Pissin’ Smokey off by Not
Bearing with Him:
Forrest fires everyday,
Forrest fires e’er’day.

It’s just a plant
Mr. Military Man,
Put Here for We,
Does you understand?

We comprehend,
We must defend
Our Winehouse Ways,
Our Hendrix Haze.
We’re Kids at Play,
Like everyday,
Like e’er’day.

¿Por qué llevamos ollas
en nuestras cabezas
como todos los dias?

Questions will be answered
When first We get On High
With Wings like Hooters–
Wise words for Shooters:
Man, Switch to Amsterdam.

“Go back to where you
came from!” all the
Mad Squares Scream,
‘Cause we invade their
TV Screens,
Behind the Scenes,
We’re Timeless Beings,
And we’re goin’ nowhere,
‘Cept Bono Skiing.

We’ve got We, babe,
We’ve got Wii, babe,
Lets Hit the Playground,
Lets Leave the Ground,
Lets Weave Around,
Lets See the Sounds,
Lets Flee the Bounds,
Lets Twist it Up,
Lets Breathe it down.