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The Damned, Hunters and Demons

Chloe Bradshaw is thirteen. This is her second publication with GlobalComment.

I have arrived in a house under cover of darkness. I can feel the hunger overwhelming me as I crawl upon the ceiling. I can hear voices in the other room. I try to hear what they are talking about, but then decide it’s pointless; humans lead boring lives. I sometimes I think that I am doing them a favour by killing them.

Killing them will at least stop them complaining about how dreadful their luck is. Ha! They have no idea about bad luck. I have a right mind to turn them into demons just now. Then they’ll see how rotten life can treat you!

I need to feed, however, and the hunger is uncontrollable. Maybe some other time, I think absentmindedly.

I hear the floorboards creak and look down to see a figure standing in the doorway.

“Hello,” I say in a particularly malicious voice.

“Who… who’s, there?” I hear an uncertain female voice answer.

“Why, you seem scared. Can you not see me?” I say in a mocking voice. The dim-witted human takes a step forwards before answering, “No.”

“Look up, then you shall see me.” The human looks up obediently. There is fear in her face as she meet with my red eyes. She opens her mouth, but no sound comes out. I jump down from the ceiling to meet her face to face.

“Who are you?” She croaks.

“Your worst nightmare,” I answer with a smile, before lunging at her and penetrating her flesh with my sharpened teeth.


I stand back and examine my kill. There is just a mess of blood, flesh, and guts left of the human. I have eaten her heart as well.

I hear footsteps climbing the stairs. I salute what’s left of the human with a mocking smile before departing out of the window.

I walk down a darkened street and find two my allies waiting at the corner. I stroll up to them, wiping blood from my mouth. The others seemed to have fed as well. I hear a faint scream from the house which I just paid my visit to and I know that the body has just been found. Soon the police will be round, investigating the cause of death.

“Where do we go now?” Marius asks. I can see the moon reflecting in his dark eyes.

“Back to the Den.”

I looking around, in case the Hunters are near. I look over at my other ally, Neo I believe his name is. His eyes have stopped glowing red – the sign of the hunger – but I can see they have been overcome by sadness.

“What is wrong, Neo?” I ask him.

“Lilith, I am afraid. This world is new to me and I am already starting to hate it.”

“Hate is such a horrible word,” I say “But I am sure that you will soon grow used to this dark world.”

“I ask you, how will I become used to eating the flesh of humans? And hiding away from the Hunters who bay for our blood?”

“I know it seems a bleak life, but I assure you, no, I promise you, that you will be used to the life of The Damned son.” I saw his face grimace. I have grown used to this, the new ones trying to forget what they are and sink into the darkness. But the hunger which he has will keep summoning him to feed.

“Come, we don’t want the Hunters knowing we were here.” I say to my allies and walk down the dark street.

Some people say this life is a curse, but I believe it is a blessing that needs to be cherished. I may sound sadistic when I say that killing is a gift, yet I truly believe it is. The only downside to this life are the Hunters, otherwise known as Demon Slayers. They have made it their job to pursue and kill the demons of this world. I don’t know how this all started, how the Hunters came to know about us, for they are mere humans.

They have been trying to kill all of us for years, longer then I have been around. And I have lived (though I am not actually alive) for over ninety years.

I can tell you the legend how demons came to this world though…

To be continued.

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  1. I am very impressed with the standard of writing, the story is dark and menacing and has me hooked already. I’m still in shock that the author is only 13…. Bravo !!!!

  2. Great beginning to another story. Good to see you writing again. Reminds me of The Lost Boys and Interview with a Vampire.

  3. I am so impressed with you,what an effort,i wasn’t aware I was teaching a published author,keep it up

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