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Reel Positions

A Mermaid named Nala
Met with Jessie the Rabbit
To discuss what the Old Adage say.
While sharing a laugh
For each less than better half
(Fixed Fools who were long drawn away),
They pushed through the portal
Of the detailed dwelling
Of Wally the Wolf at bay.
He showed them his knife,
They giggled more than twice,
As he outlined why they should stay:

“As the Old Adage say,
There’s many a way
To skin a fine feline.
One may skin from the tail,
One may skin from the head,
One may begin from front or behind.

“One may pare that hare,
One may scale that fish
In just as many ways.
One may scale from the gill,
One may pare from the ear,
Before gutting into floppy fillets.”

Nala flipped her fin,

While Jessie’s bushy tail
Wiggled with animating tension.
The words Wally rolled
Off that tongue made of Gold
Sent their frames to another dimension.
“Welcome,” Wally crooned,
In the beams of the moon
While spreading his sinewy arms.

He now saw goose bumps
On their curvaceous lumps—
Products of innovating charms:

“For those Fixed Fools
With stubborn rules
Who think that everything’s okay,
I send you my best
Advice from the chest:
Neverever forget to create.
It will not be Her fault
When she leaves You with Walt
To Waltz with Nemo and Cars.
Just use your imagination
When bringing reel elation—
Thoughtful, like when people pick Czars.”